The Sari Biro Memorial Award (Biro Sari Emlek Dij) was established in 1995 at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, from which pianist Sari Biro received her Artist’s Diploma in 1930. The Award was a monetary prize given to a talented young pianist, chosen annually by the Academy’s piano faculty. It was conferred each March 24th,
in commemoration of Sari Biro’s birthday, at a concert/reception in the Academy’s (now University’s) Bartok Hall where the current winner performed, together with Award recipients from previous years.

The Memorial Award winners, in chronological order, are:
Laszlo Holics, Mark Karsai, Peter Toth, Emese Mali, Erno Feher, Gabor Monostori,
Anna Falvai, Gergely Teleki, Angyalka Mayer, Klara Babel, Katalin Sovari, Mira Nagy, Janos Palojtay, Marcell Szabo, and Adam Zsolt Szokolay.

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